Bellevue Father-Son camp

Nov 11 2010
Tim Kuykendall
Bellevue Father-Son camp

Last Sunday Nov. 7th was the first of four Sunday Sessions at the Bellevue Boys and Girls Club.  We had fantastic weather and were able to go outside and conduct the camp.  I had the privilege of leading 65 dads and sons through various skills and drills in baseball fundamentals.  The camp ended with a friendly father vs sons scrimmage in which the sons came out on the winning side.  The dads better bring their "A" game this Sunday : ) 

It is always an awesome sight to see dads and sons connect as they spend time together playing the great American past time.  It reminds me of the great line in Field of Dreams when Kevin Costner, Ray Kinsella, asks his dad, "Dad, wanna have a catch."  The movie's main theme was for a father and son to reconnect in a bonding that they had missed out on years before.  

This is actually the heart of God in Malachi 4:5-6 in that he wants to turn the hearts of fathers and sons and daughters towards each other.  That is our prayer in the Union 78 program and it is an honor to watch that unfold everytime we have an event where dads and sons and daughters connect through sports, activities, and recreation.  

Life goes by fast and the time we have as dads is crucial in pouring into our kids.  Time...just four letters, but the biggest word in our role as dad. 


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