What happened to kids going down the street to play at the local ball field? With the advent of "select" teams and structured training at younger and younger ages, many of today's kids are left out of the game of baseball. We believe there is a place for "select" training, but we also believe there needs to be a place for kids who cannot afford "select" baseball to play.

Reality Sports staff will offer Sandlot Baseball in three locations this summer to serve kids who want to show up at a field, receive some skills and drills, and then just play ball. 

Food, fun, and a message from the words and life of Jesus Christ will be included each Thursday. If you are interested in volunteering for the Sandlot, please contact Tim Kuykendall at 253-722-3906.

Check the "Events" section on the right side of the page for Sandlot locations this summer.

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