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reality sports

V o l l e y b a ll 

reality sports

V o l l e y b a ll 

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RSVBC competes in the USA Volleyball Puget Sound region highly competitive power league. Teams will compete in monthly tournaments with additional invitational tournaments throughout the season. The club season will run Nov - May. 
For off season clinics please check out our OPEN TRAINING.

our coaches

Ben Sansburn.jpg

Ben Sansburn

U11 Head Coach

U13 Head Coach- Dave King_edited_edited.

Dave King

U11 Assistant Coach

U14 Head Coach- Amanda Nielsen_edited_edited.jpg

Amanda Nielsen

U12 Head Coach

vb ball_edited.jpg

Vanessa Holstein

U12 Assistant Coach

U12 Assistant Coach- Karina Escalante_edited_edited.jpg

Karina Escalante

U13 Head Coach

vb ball_edited.jpg

Anna Remington

U13 Assistant Coach

U13 Head Coach- Dave King_edited_edited.jpg

Dave King

U14 Head Coach

U13 Assistant Coach- Emma Lindsley_edited_edited.jpg

Emma Lindsley

U14 Assistant Coach

U15 Head Coach- Roxanne King_edited_edit

Roxanne King

U15 Head Coach

U15 Assistant Coach- Paul Conradt_edited

Paul Conradt

U15 Assistant Coach

U15 Assistant Coach- Corrine McLeary_edited_edited.jpg

Corinne McLeary

U16 Head Coach

vb ball_edited.jpg

Hannah Elwell

U16 Assistant Coach

Director of Volleyball- Pam King_edited.jpg

Pam King

RSVBC Director

After a successful entry into the Volleyball club world in 2016, Reality Sports Volleyball Club has continued to grow throughout the Puget Sound Region. We offer a variety of training including Competitive USAV teams, summer training and speed and agility clinics throughout the year. 


Pam's vision was to begin at the developmental level with girls in the 12-year-old age range and to continue to develop them through competitive High School volleyball careers. The first developmental team under Pam's reign participated in training from December 2017 until March 2018. In just one year, the volleyball program grew to two teams, with both U12 and U14 teams competing during the 2018/2019 season. The 2019/2020 season saw more growth adding U13 and U15 teams to the program. We continue to grow as a competitive volleyball club in the region. 

Teams provide a like-minded community where teammates can encourage each other to take new steps toward growth and where the claims and promises of Jesus Christ can be explored in a safe environment. Coaches lead the development of each athlete's physical ability and spiritual maturity considering the whole person: heart, soul, and mind.  Reality Sports coaches seek to prepare their teams to glorify God through their play and witness to the life, power and name of Jesus Christ.

Teams also provide the opportunity to put both the physical and spiritual training to practice, as girls learn to compete upside down to the glory of God, by the power of God.

Look for new RSVC team opportunities in the fall.

Open Training

open training


The RS Volleyball Program offers a variety of training blocks, like skill clinics, camps, and club pre-tryout preparations.

Open training is designed to challenge all players, from beginners to advanced. Beginning and advanced skills in passing, defense, hitting, blocking, setting, and serving and mental game aspects are demonstrated and taught by our coaches.

Training will consider the whole person: heart, soul, and mind.  Part of each training will involve hearing applicable stories and truths from the Bible to help each athlete to develop spiritually as well as physically. Training will be designed to provide the player with opportunities to mature in each area. 


Open Training is offered on a donation basis. We believe everyone should donate something, but it is up to you to determine what you are willing and able to donate for the training. Donations can be made online at any time or at any workout



The Reality Sports Volleyball program is made possible primarily through donations. 

Competitive teams will have a team or player fee to help cover the burden of outside costs like uniforms, field or facility rentals, league and tournament fees.

Though we don't charge for training, it is not "free" (there is a cost to provide it). We simply ask families to consider the value of training and determine what you are willing and able to pay for the opportunity.

A donation box is available at every workout, or if you prefer to donate online click the "virtual" donation box below.

Please contact Pam King with questions about the Reality Sports Volleyball Club (RSVC)
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