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Strength & Conditioning
Strength & Conditioning 
Youth Strength & Conditioning
Strength & Conditioning is for middle school and high school athletes to introduce and develop proper lifting movements while making gains in strength and endurance. No previous lifting experience is required. We strongly suggest that the athlete commits to all attending each training session during the length of the class to experience maximum growth.
As athletes experience growth, training will include Olympic lifting movements as well as core (bench, squat, deadlift) and supplementary (pull-ups, etc) lifting movements. Workouts will be structured to elicit maximum gains in strength and endurance.
A Bible message exploring the life and Gospel of Jesus Christ is presented at each workout.
Adult Strength & Conditioning
Adult cross-training is full body strength and cardio workouts. Workouts will incorporate a variety of equipment including kettlebells, dumbells, med balls, barbells and cardio equipment. Through attending classes regularly, our goal is that you will learn new skills, become stronger, healthier, and feel encouraged after every class. All abilities and levels are encouraged. 
The focus of Athletics is athletic skill development, basic core strength and competitive skills. Foot speed drills; gymnastics/tumbling; jumping and explosion plyometrics; core and coordination drills; and strength-based skills will be included. Upon completion of this class, kids should have the basic athletic skills necessary to more quickly adjust to a specific sport. 
Competitive games will be integrated throughout the training to put skills into practice and provide a venue for athletes to learn and apply the Biblical concepts of Competing Upside Down.
Each class will include a message from the Bible exploring the life and Gospel of Jesus Christ.
We ask that participants to PLEASE COMMIT TO ALL CLASS SESSIONS DURING THIS TRAINING, as this training is progressive and builds on skills learned in previous class sessions.



The Reality Sports Strength & Conditioning program is made possible primarily through donations.

Though we do not charge for training, it is not "free" (there is a cost to provide it). We simply ask families to consider the value of training and determine what you are willing and able to pay for the opportunity. 

A donation box is available at every workout, or if you prefer to donate online click the virtual donation box below.

Contact Kathryn Burke with questions about Strength & Conditioning, or Athletics Program
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