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Church Leader 


Reality Sports LOVES the local church! It’s this love for Jesus’ Bride that causes us to recognize our role in helping support her mission to make disciples of all nations, and to preach the gospel to a dark and lost world.


Twice a year, Reality Sports provides local pastors and church leaders lunch and a space for conversation around the opportunity to preach the gospel and make disciple-makers through sport in our community.


If you’re a pastor or church leader, please consider registering for our next Church Leader Luncheon. We want to unite together for the gospel and discuss and present ways we believe Reality Sports and the local church can partner to eradicate lostness in our community.

Church Leader Luncheon 1 
Friday, March 23rd | 12-1:30 pm
Reality Sports Training Facility

Church Leader Luncheon 2

Friday, September 14th | 12-1:30 pm

Reality Sports Training Facility

Registration will open in the summer

CLICK HERE to learn more about how REALITY SPORTS uses the context of sport to proclaim the gospel and make disciple-makers.


Contact Josh Breffle for more information.

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