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Commit to join us at one of our bi-annual Coaches Conferences. Join coaches from around the South Sound to learn and discuss what it means to coach for the glory of God. Reality Sports has developed a theology of sport we call Competing Upside Down, and we want to equip coaches from across our community to live and coach according to their God-given purpose.

Competing Upside Down is a philosophy of competition intended to radically transform the way athletes and coaches train, live, lead, and compete. Based on the upside down nature of the gospel, this revolutionary concept comes from the words of Acts 17:6-7


These men who have turned the world upside down have some here also…

saying that there is another king, Jesus.

Jesus is King of the universe, not sport, nor our medals, or our own vain glory, and we believe that the Bible teaches us we ought to live, train and compete according to the gospel, for the glory of God. 

At each conference, we will spend several hours “planting the seed” and starting the conversation. When the conference is over, there will be an opportunity for each coach to join a leadership cohort where we will continue to train, equip and apply the gospel to your sports context.

Conference 1 
Friday, June 8th | 6pm-9pm
Saturday, June 9th | 8am-12pm


Conference 2
Friday, December 7th| 6pm-9pm
Saturday, December 8th | 8am-12pm

Registration will open after the end of Conference 1


CLICK HERE to learn more about how REALITY SPORTS uses the context of sport to proclaim the gospel and make disciple-makers.


Contact Josh Breffle for more information.

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