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IMPORTANT: Own Your Faith

"Mia" has been going to church with her parents her entire life. So, her Reality Sports coach was a bit surprised after a recent message when Mia asked, "How do you get saved?"

Her question came after her coach shared Jesus's parable of the lost sheep in Luke 15 and explained its meaning. When asked if they were like the one lost sheep that needs to be saved or like the 99 righteous persons who don't think they need to repent, Mia asked the question.

At first Mia's coach thought, "I guess this is a great lesson for me as a coach. Don't assume the 'church-ed' athletes have received Christ as their Savior."

After a follow-up conversation with Mia after the workout, however, she found that Mia was concerned that her faith was only what her parents do. Mia was wanting to make sure that her faith was her own.

"It's awesome seeing how God is working in (Mia's) life. I am so proud of her for wanting to deepen her relationship with her Savior," said her coach. Mia is enthusiastic about studying the Bible and strengthening her faith to make it her own.

Thank you for your partnership in walking with athletes in what it means to have a personal faith in Jesus Christ.


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