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Let's be honest, offering anything BY DONATION is not a very good business model. But we are committed to providing the good news of the GOSPEL without limitation. It is only because of the faithful donors and sponsors who believe in our vision and mission that it is possible. 

Please take a moment and help us thank the many business who help make Reality Sports possible. Would you like to become a sponsor?



We LOVE the local church! We believe Christ's bride is the best expression of Himself and that every Christ-follower should be connected to a local church community.  

Though we hope to reach people who might not otherwise attend a church with the good news of the Gospel, our desire is to disciple them and connect them to a local body who will continue to love, serve and disciple them. 

We also believe that sports is a fantastic context for the local church to practice the gospel, make disciples and serve the local community.

Our church partnerships include churches who support us financially, churches who make our resources available to their congregations, churches who we partner with to put on a sports camp, and churches who partner with us to help make disciples.

The best way to begin a partnership with Reality Sports is to attend one of our bi-annual Pastor's luncheon. Click the button below for more information.


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