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PURPOSE: We believe that we exist to glorify and to worship God, our Creator and the Creator of the universe and all that is in it.

GOD: We believe in one true and living God who is eternal and who exists in three persons:  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  He has created all things through His Son by the power of the Holy Spirit.

JESUS CHRIST: We believe that Jesus Christ is fully God and fully man.  He came to earth to show humankind what God is like, died a sacrificial death on the cross for the forgiveness of sin, was buried, physically rose from the dead, ascended to the right hand of the Father, and will come again to save those who have put their faith in him.

HOLY SPIRIT: We believe the Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity, equal and eternal with God the Father and Jesus Christ, the Son.  The Holy Spirit convicts the world of sin, lives in every believer, baptizes us into the church, and transforms our character and lifestyle as we yield to His power.  He equips every believer with a gift to minister to the body of Christ.

MAN: We believe God created man in His own image and, therefore, we have intrinsic value and our lives have meaning and purpose.  Because of Adam and Eve's sinful rebellion against God, all humans are sinners by nature.  Humankind's sinful condition results in spiritual death and eternal separation from God.

SALVATION: We believe that forgiveness of sin comes only through faith in Jesus Christ who died on the cross for our sin.  Forgiveness cannot be earned by doing good works, joining a church, following church sacraments, or by physical inheritance.  Salvation is a free gift of God, unmerited and undeserved, that is received by trusting in Jesus Christ alone, repenting of our sins, and confessing Jesus Christ as Lord.  The goal of salvation is to conform every believer into the likeness of His Son.  The new life given is eternal and secured by God.

THE BIBLE: We believe the Bible to be God's spoken word that is a given record and testimony of His will for humankind.  It is composed of sixty-six books of the Old and New Testament.  It is authored by God and given to us flawlessly through the individual personalities and styles of chosen men.  It is authoritative truth and given without any error in its original writings. It is a complete revelation of God's truth that nothing can be added to or subtracted from.  It is sufficient for our lives and effective to accomplish what it says.

THE CHURCH: We believe that all who place their faith in Jesus Christ are baptized into one spiritual body, the Church.  Christ is the head of His bride and His body.  Every believer is called to faithfully participate in the fellowship of the Church and to devote themselves to worship, prayer, God's Word, baptism and communion, service, and outreach through the expression of a local church body.  The local church is governed by godly men called pastors and elders and is self-supported through the generous giving of her members. It is the mission of the Church to "make disciples of all nations" through Jesus Christ.  


FUTURE EVENTS: We believe in a literal, visible, and eminent return of Jesus Christ for His redeemed people, the Church.  He will also judge the earth and its people and return to establish His kingdom reign for a thousand years.  He will, at a future time, resurrect all men to either eternal life with Him or everlasting punishment away from Him.  Then, those who are saved will live forever with the Lord in a new heaven and a new earth.


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