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Value of Training 

A majority of the training that we provide is called Open Training, meaning that it is open to any participants (within the specified age/skill group) by DONATION ONLY, which means that we don't charge a registration fee to participate. Though open training is offered by donation, it does not mean that it is "free" or without cost. It only means that we do not want cost to be a limiting factor in an athlete's ability to participate. 

Many of our programs operate solely on income provided by donations. Much of the cost of the training we provide is subsidized by generous outside donors who are pleased to help provide the training opportunity to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay. Therefore, we believe that everyone should pay something to participate. But we leave it to you to determine what you are willing and able to pay for a particular training opportunity.

Also, please note that donating to Reality Sports does not necessarily mean your donation is fully tax-deductible as a charitable contribution if you (or any of your dependents) have participated in by donation training. According to the IRS, charitable donations are deductible under the 501(c)(3) regulations only in excess of the tangible value of goods or services that have been received. In other words, the amount of your donations in a particular tax year must be offset by the value of the services you have received in that year to arrive at the portion that is truly tax-deductible.

It is the obligation of the donor/taxpayer to demonstrate the deductibility of their donations to the IRS. As an organization that provides a by donation service, we are required to provide donors with a "good faith estimated fair marked value" (FMV) of the services we provide. Please find a list of our Open Training events for this year and the estimated fair market value of the training we have provided below.

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