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reality sports

reality sports



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In 2007 Josh began volunteering as a coach in the wrestling program. 

  • Full time ministry 2011
    Served as the director of wrestling
    President of the Board
    Director of coaching development


Open Training

open training

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This training is to develop the foundational movements of sport for young athletes. There will be time spent on agility, coordination, body awareness, midline stabilization, strength, and endurance. Foot speed drills; gymnastics/tumbling; jumping and explosion plyometric; core and coordination drills; and strength-based skills will be included to lay a solid foundation for participation in any sport.
Competitive games will be integrated throughout the training to put skills into practice and provide a venue for athletes to learn and apply the Biblical concepts of Competing Upside Down. 

A Bible message will be presented during each class with application made to living, training, and competing UPSIDE DOWN according TO the Word of God, BY the power of God, and FOR the glory of God.



The Reality Sports open training program is made possible primarily through donations. 

Competitive teams will have a team or player fee to help cover the burden of outside costs like uniforms, field or facility rentals, league and tournament fees.

Though we don't charge for training, it is not "free" (there is a cost to provide it). We simply ask families to consider the value of training and determine what you are willing and able to pay for the opportunity.

A donation box is available at every workout, or if you prefer to donate online click the "virtual" donation box below.

Please contact Josh Breffle with questions about the Reality Sports Colorado
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